Fixed my MacBook Pro screen for $600. 24hr turnaround. Had a question about another Mac I couldn’t fix and they did it on the spot without charging me. Great experience

Nicolas Blackburn

Amazing service! Great prices and an extremely knowledgeable staff!
I’ve been going to them for years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my tech!!

These guys rock 🤘

Vie Aten

Spilled a bit of tea in my macbook. Took it to these folks right away and within a few days my computer was good as new. Very helpful and good price!

Johan Lee Meyer


I had a water spillage on my laptop and went to the apple store to get it checked out since it is their product. The guy pressed two buttons and said this whole board needed a replacement and gave me an ESTIMATE. of 706$! I went to go pick it up halfway through the diagnose process as I knew not much would come out of it since they would basically give me a 1000$ bill , the value of my laptop

I was devastated as my MacBook Air 2017 was still in mint condition and was dear to me. I called this place 3-4 times to change and book appointments, they did not even get annoyed of it!

I gave in my laptop Monday and with a water spill cleaning, my laptop was back as I left it, even better than i had it initially on Thursday! they do additional test to ensure your laptop has no additional underlying issues!

Thank you for saving me hundreds of $

Vidhi Patel

My graphics card was starting to act up and brought it here after reading review and a lukewarm response from MAC urbain. Extremely professional and honest service and team. Very knowledgeable and upfront about the potential issues and cost. By far superior to other apple repair shops I’ve dealt with.

Richard Heneine